The Holy Loneliness Collective (english)
The Holy Loneliness Collective (english) Podcast


June 25, 2022

Thank you for your feedback on the lettering. Unfavorably, the sympathies were distributed relatively evenly across all three variants. So there is no clear decision yet. At least we could see that version C received a little less support. So there will be a final shootout between A and B in our Instagram Story. And then hopefully we'll have a final result.

Even though it didn't lead to a clear result this time, I'm pretty stoked about our little community. To be honest, I was first skeptical about social media. Many voices had warned me. About the danger of addiction, vanity, superficiality and extremely short attention spans. But so far I find it first and foremost quite fascinating to get in touch with so many people I would never have met otherwise, and who are already giving us and our music so much thought.

We have also received a lot of feedback on our first little snippet of music. Some have suggested incorporating Jin's experiences in Ukraine into the lyrics. We tried that, but for some reason it didn't feel right. Still, the topic is on our minds a lot - there's definitely something that wants to get out. So last night Jin and I sat down and wrote a whole new song about it. It suddenly came out really fast and easy, the words and chords bubbling out of us like little round pebbles. Jin came up with a whole new piano theme for it and it's so beautiful that I don't want to keep it from you - at the risk of boring you with too much piano music. The next fragment of music will be something different, I promise


The Holy Loneliness Collective (english)
The Holy Loneliness Collective (english) Podcast
New stuff from the THLC rehearsal room.
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