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The Holy Loneliness Collective (english) Podcast
From Till to Till

From Till to Till

We are really pissed.

Here is a message from Till to Till:

Why I will never listen to Rammstein again.

I'm not a fan of canceling. Not at all. I also believe that you can celebrate a great piece of art even if the artist is an asshole. I still enjoy listening to Michael Jackson's music. Despite everything.

But with Till Lindemann and Rammstein, things are a bit different. I was never a real fan, but at least a well-meaning occasional listener. I saw the artistic achievement behind Till Lindemann's writing in the fact that he allows us a glimpse into the abysses of the human soul through a diabolical artistic persona. Testing the limits of morality with an overdrawn fictional character and also somewhat holding up a mirror to all of us.

And now it turns out that the guy just wrote about himself and his disgusting everyday life. No art figure, no lyrical I, no mirror and no double bottom, all abysses and repulsive depictions real. This actually makes all his 'art' completely worthless, even absolutely gross. Why the hell would anyone want to listen to an old man celebrating himself for humiliating and abusing young women. I for one never want to hear that crap again.

PS: Yes, we have taken note that Till Lindemann does not want to be 'pre-judged'. But we think, in view of the sheer number of young women who are meanwhile reporting about these events in unison, one can definately risk having a well founded opinion about the matter.

PPS: Our full solidarity to all victims. We hope that justice will be done to you in some way.

PPPS: The guitar riff is from our next song. And that one definitely has nothing to do with Rammstein.

The Holy Loneliness Collective (english)
The Holy Loneliness Collective (english) Podcast
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