The Holy Loneliness Collective (english)
The Holy Loneliness Collective (english) Podcast
Jin's Piano Theme
Jin's Piano Theme
June 11, 2022

This post contains the first fragment of music to leave our house. Jin came to the rehearsal with this piano theme - right after she returned. I was immediately moved by those simple four bars. I can hear Jin's whole heart in it - her playful levity, the unwavering optimism, but also a bittersweet heaviness that lurks behind everything like an unfathomable abyss. Since her trip to Ukraine, the heaviness has taken over. I can only guess what's going on inside her.

Your feedback has encouraged us to take this step and give you some early glimpses into our music. It was not an easy discussion, to say the least. In the end Hans agreed, but I know he's not comfortable with it. Today he hasn't shown his face at all. Releasing something into the world that he hasn't polished to absolute perfection is something he's reluctant to do. But after your vote, Jin and Leo were in favor of it, too. And finally, Till also gave up his resistance. Hans knew then that he had to give in. I hope he will make his peace with our decision, at least in retrospect.

But now it's your turn! We are very curious to hear what you have to say about it. Do you like this little tune as much as I do? Do you have any suggestions what the song could be about? My task now will be to find words for it. And to be honest, I'm a little in awe about this task. So I'm always grateful for inspirations.

The Holy Loneliness Collective (english)

The Holy Loneliness Collective (english) Podcast

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